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*This is not a children’s book*

“Escape into a vivid, enthralling adventure in this unique retelling of a Promethean myth by a talented new author.Snowden skillfully crafts an engaging story with an interesting, layered plot, a richly nuanced world, and a cast of unique characters.This magical story is sure to delight readers!
A noteworthy book.” – NY Literary Magazine

Padma and the Elephant Sutra

‘We have to remember that what we observe is not nature in itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning’. – Werner Heisenberg

In the ancient parable of ‘six blind men and an elephant’, each man tries to comprehend the creature by feeling a different part of its body. They all incorrectly conclude what the creature is, based on each partial, individual experience.

Padma and the Elephant Sutra invites the reader to imagine the perspective of the elephant in the parable. It reveals a world far older and more mysterious than humans have ever comprehended. As custodians of paradise, elephants are deeply concerned with the rise of humanity and its impact on the fragile world they are born to protect. In their clans, they gather to discuss how to fulfil an ancient covenant made with an alien creature, convinced this holds the key to healing the humans of their discordant song. Events take a different course with the sudden, but long anticipated, arrival of a blue moon.

A young, pink elephant named Padma, recently discovered by the Uposatha clan, has emerged from the waters like a lotus flower. Unsure of who she is, Padma is sent to complete the time-worn agreement following an elephant Seer’s disputed recognition of her true identity. Early in Padma’s quest she meets George, an old coffee planter with a dark past. Beginning as a child soldier, a drummer boy at war with the thirteen colonies, George develops unusual gifts and an unwelcome persona emerges from his traumatised mind. Together, elephant and human journey across the island of Ceylon in search of their destinies. It is 1830 and new humans have arrived, bringing with them strange and frightening ways. Their presence brings a series of unexpected obstacles for the seekers of truth. But as they continue, they also meet many allies who help them reveal the path as it unfold before them.

Padma and the Elephant Sutra explores our relationships with ourselves, each other, and the natural world, of which we are a part, blending myth and history. It has broad spiritual and contemporary ecological themes within a wide historical context. It provides a critique to a Promethean myth that the earth was gifted to humans. A deception for the benefit of another. It resurrects the Hindu myth of abhara-Matanga, the elephant god who knits and binds the clouds, forces capable of subverting the destructive will of humans. It will appeal to anyone who likes to meditate on our shared human experience and our critical responsibility as new custodians of paradise to protect what remains of an elephant paradise.

It traverses genres of eco fiction, climate fiction, visionary fiction, xenofiction, historical fiction, science fiction and fantasy.

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