Want a Free Review?

It seems to me there is a saturated indie book market. That is, for selling books. Yet, there is a desperate shortage of reviewers. So much so, sites offering reviews for sale are springing up everywhere. Why? I would suggest not enough indie writers are buying and reviewing others indie books. If indie writers bought, read, and reviewed say, four indie books a year, there might be something like a functioning market. So, to that end, I am going to read some indie books. Yeah! Buy a book, read it, then leave my HONEST review. Sounds crazy, huh! I have no experience of reviewing books, I guess i’m going to learn. But, I do recognise that feeling when I am enjoying reading a book and can usually point to a few reasons why.


I want to read authors who have written great books yet are struggling to get noticed. Somehow, they do not have 1,000, 100, or even 10 reviews. I suggest, if you read on you are more likely to point me to a book I will enjoy and therefore likely to be a higher rating. I will not give 5 stars because ‘I haven’t read it but it sounds good’. Stars will be earned.

If you would like me to review your book, here is my method and criteria. This is a first draught so may be subject to change.

  • eBooks
  • You have been published for a few months or thereabouts.
  • You have a handful of reviews, or none, when you subtract family and friends.
  • You are self published
  • You can’t afford to pay for reviews. I mean, you are hard up, not, ‘I don’t want to pay for reviews’.

Please contact me with a link to the book/blog/website, and a brief pitch of why I should read it, if you want, 10-100 words max. please. If it interests me I shall purchase the book and read it, leaving my review on the platform (not the train station, silly) and publishing it on my site. I might even put it on Facebook if there are Asian elephants innit.

stars 817607

What I like

  • Fantastical, phantasmagorical, dreamlike.
  • Honest writing, whatever that means.
  • Bold and intrepid, gutsy, go on write it down.
  • Space, spacey, zoom-zoom. But not too technical.
  • Ecology, fight for the life which supports us.
  • Spiritual, but the kind with dirty hands.
  • Meaning, philosophical contemplation, starry eyed wonder.
  • Broad, sweeping historical stuff, different people, different places.
  • Myths and magic, but not ghostly goings on.
  • Words, big juicy ones. I have a dictionary.
  • Books which don’t know what genre they are in, or don’t care.

Wrap it all together in a carry out and take me somewhere I’ve never been and didn’t realise I wanted to go. If i’m reading it I want to say, ‘WOW’, involuntarily.

Hmmm. I seem to have described my own book, or at least, the version in my head.


What I don’t want to read about as a main theme/plot. Nothing personal, just my taste.

  • Hot breath and jizz.
  • Romance/smansch. Not if they live happily ever after, or its inference.
  • Du..du..du..du..du..big guns.
  • Who killed Mr Tipping? And other murder mysteries, crimes and procedurals.
  • God.
  • Funny, Ha Ha.
  • Whining words about not much in particular. Not sure what they are, but when I read them I become listless and possibly melancholic.

So, if you have stumbled upon this site and you think my head would be a suitable place to park your book then by all means drop me a line. I promise to check it out at least. I probably won’t get back to you, unless I have something to say.

All images courtesy of Creative Commons – Thanks

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