Reviews from unexpected sources

Firstly, a word with my sponsors. A big thank you to the 36 readers who chose to download my eBook giveaway yesterday. I hope you enjoy the read, and do consider writing a review. If you are uneasy at the prospect , don’t worry, one line reviews are perfectly fine.

Reviews are treasure we authors seek. Validation? Sales prospects? Credibility? They are like little nuggets of gold, found after a long spell of seemingly fruitless panning. Certainly in my case. But then I am a bit old fashioned/stubborn/naive? and want honest reviews from genuine sources. It seems there are so many ways to play the system, and I understand why people want to get their voice heard above the crowd. Even yesterday, an author messaged me asking if I would like to take part in ‘three-way reviews’ as ‘Amazon do not allow author swaps’. I deleted it.

I am hard up (violins please), and my search for free reviews led me to Readers’ Favorite Yes, I realise I need yada yada money to promote my book properly, but that must not stop me writing and trying to find a readership. My book sat in their free pile for nearly 6 months, unread. For $59 I could have one in two weeks. I was tempted to spend the cash, but in my mind had given up on the idea. Then following some automated correspondence from them, I pointed out some typos, and was offered a free Express Review for my efforts! Yippee, I say. Here it is in all its 5 star glory…

Padma and the Elephant Sutra by W.L. Snowden is a journey through history as elephants search for a better future, in an adventure filled with myth, history, and hope. When Padma is discovered in the water, the elephants find her strange as she has no stories of her name, and what she does recall are pieces of an ancient past. When Padma meets a human named George with a dark past, she opens up his eyes to a world he never imagined, the world of elephants. Together, they’re determined to fulfill an ancient covenant, but obstacles in their past may prove more than they bargained for.

W.L. Snowden’s writing is honest, so connected to the characters that the pain and hope the elephants go through is truly felt. The mythology throughout is perfectly fitted to the world, most of which is seen through the eyes of elephants. The connection between Padma and George is sincere, as Padma opens up his eyes to another reality, which includes the cruelty inflicted upon the elephants. There are moments of heartbreak as human nature is constantly shown regarding the elephants as something to be hunted or used. Though, it’s often told of how this is due to humans not knowing or understanding.

The elephants are full of life and wisdom with a beautiful outlook on life. They’re entirely personified, but the emotions and personalities don’t stray from what you’d think of as an elephant’s thoughts. One of the characters that stands out the most is Abu, a sweet and innocent young elephant that has the view point of a child and never fails to make me smile. Elegant and beautiful, with lovely descriptions, and vast in history, Padma and the Elephant Sutra is a unique read that’s hard to put down. Definitely a must-read!

Thanks for the boost Readers’ Favorite. And thanks for the shiny medallion!

And the moral is……

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