It’s giveaway time again! 1-3 September. Do you want to read/download a quality book for nowt, zip or nada? Please continue…

“Escape into a vivid, enthralling adventure in this unique retelling of a Promethean myth by a talented new author.
Snowden skillfully crafts an engaging story with an interesting, layered plot, a richly nuanced world, and a cast of unique characters.
This magical story is sure to delight readers!
A noteworthy book.” – NY Literary Magazine

Worldwide links to the free download are available on my blog HERE

On Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select, I get five days during my 3 month contract when I can offer a book promotion – give away my eBook for free. That time is now.

Having self-published my first and only novel with Amazon, I decided to go with their KDP Select programme as the easiest option, until I got my head around the myriad of other eBook publishing formats. My head was full enough. Mostly full of elephants (book characters in case you’re wondering). It promised a cut of the many millions of dollars given to authors each month from a global fund. It promised great royalty rates in India, Japan, Brazil and Mexico. It promised new audiences across the globe via Kindle Unlimited. And, it was one click away (well, not many). I signed up for the three month contract. I then signed up for a second term believing it was ‘still early days’, and I should ‘give it time’.


My brain received much needed acreage to consider other dimensions in the publishing and marketing world I had willingly entered. This has been useful.


I am unable to give my eBook away to anyone, other than through Amazon’s promotions – ‘5 days, that’s all we’ve got’ – to miss quote a king.

They state, ‘All content made exclusive to Amazon through the KDP Select program must remain for sale on our site only. You cannot make it available free or for purchase in digital eBook format anywhere else, including publishing the content of your book on your website, blogs, etc.’

After 5 months this is proving a hindrance and I shall be leaving the Scheme at the end of the month. Mainly because in those five months, one person has downloaded the book from Amazon’s lending library, and that person was someone I met socially. In my opinion KDP is of no use until I have a readership or greater exposure. KDP select makes it more difficult to gain that exposure, I am unable to afford to send many print copies around the neighbourhood/planet. I now read of ‘click farms’ whereby people gobble up the global fund employing others on a massive scale to ‘click through’ their book – Amazon’s measure of library use. Is it true, I have no idea.

KDP Select got me started, for that I am thankful.

A shout out to Readers Favourites who have offered me a free Express Review for taking the time to point out a typo in their literature. Cheers guys!

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