The elephants have arrived!

World Elephant Day is not far away now. Check out Padma, all grown-up.

I wonder if there is a word for an over association with ones literary creations. Anyone know? As a new author these feelings are new to me. I ordered some greetings cards with Fran’s designs for our World Elephant day fundraiser. It feels to me like some old friends have turned up. I feel a warm glow of affection for some characters which I made up in my head. Fran’s sketches have further brought them to life. They live inside me. There is the big Uposatha bull who hates the humans, there is the sublime God Cloud, and there is Padma, standing in front of Adam’s Peak surrounded by frangipani flowers.

I guess, the lesson for anyone venturing down the path of novel writing is to love doing it. I have been rewarded many times over, writing my tome, regardless of if I make £10 or £10,000. Aside from making some money to help the plight of these incredible creatures (the real ones), my elephant friends may be my greatest reward.

If you come to the event in Exeter, 11-17 Aug, and buy one of these cards please be understanding if I have difficulty letting go. There are only 25 so get your skates on!

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