It’s going to be an elephant gathering

More elephants for World Elephant Day Fran continues to outdo herself with more and more elaborate creations. I love these little Asian beauties. They are laser cut card, all her own doing at the local Fab Lab at Exeter library. It’s a little washing line of elephants with tiny wooden pegs. It’s just occurred to me they are three white elephants, and the middle, perhaps younger one, is still Padma pink – Padma meaning lotus flower.

Three white elephants singing on a line

Patiently waiting for the moon to shine

Waiting for Khonsu in the cosmic egg

To emerge from its shell, protecting all from Apep

I seriously have to stop this and study for my job interview on Thursday. At this rate, when the interview panel ask what skills I think are important for the post, I shall probably not get past, ‘elephants’.



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