The God Cloud booms!

Anyone who fancies a free signed copy of this fine book by a so far unknown, yet deliriously optimistic author, there is thankfully still time. All you need do, for anyone not in the local area of Exeter UK, is press the blue follow button on my blog on or before 11th August. Winners will be drawn out of a hat at the fundraising event , announced on World Elephant Day – Aug 12th.

If you do not win, you can always download an e-copy for £1.99 or equivalent from All over the place  100% of net royalties for the week 11-17 Aug will go to World Elephant Day

I guarantee it will take you places you have never been. And who knows, it just might be your next favourite book!


“What do we have to lose?” asked Athadassi, “I tell you, she carries the first one in her heart. The dream has revealed a way forward. Let her speak with soma and let us hear her first story.”

No-one would ordinarily disagree with Athadassi, the most sagacious Seer, but the stakes were high. Paradise itself may be at risk. They had not heard the voice in Padma. To them, she sounded and acted like any young elephant in her situation, frightened and confused. What finally persuaded them was the ringing quality of truth which chimed in their ears with the words, ‘what do we have to lose’. They had no desire to sacrifice another elephant in a seemingly hopeless quest, but urgency demanded action.

Artwork by Franklestitch




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