End of Days? Not just yet please.

I have recently set up an amazon marketing campaign for my book Padma and the Elephant Sutra. For those who don’t know, I simply add keywords relevant to my book (or whatever product) and when an amazon customer types the word in their search engine my advert pops up, creating what is called an impression. It gets more complicated but essentially the impressions create clickable adverts.

I have access to the number of impressions created for each keyword I use. After 3 days of advertising, the field of 100 keywords is pretty spread out. Here are the top and bottom..

  1. end of days – 300
  2. Tea                 – 66
  3. New author – 48
  4.  Buddha        – 46
  5. metaphysical -44

at the bottom end of those which have made an impression are…

  • Myth                    -15
  • climate change – 13
  • elephant             – 8
  • one world           – 2
  • Peace                   – 2

Obviously, I cannot infer anything from my less than rigorous scientific analysis, but I just can’t help it. As I live in the UK I am guessing this fact impacts upon amazon impressions. So, if it is a random selection of mostly British people? it would seem they are concerned, interested in finding out, or sh*t scared of what they suspect might be coming. Their first response? Have a nice cup of tea. It seems they are also looking for answers in alternative religions ( I have not used the keyword Christianity, however Adam and Eve has so far created 1 impression) and retreating into increasing philosophical abstraction.

However, on the upside, customers are still interested in new authors. Hey, might as well read a good book while civilisation slides into total meltdown… [ADVERT WARNING] how about trying mine? It is a worthwhile read, and it is clear from the lowly position of interest in elephants I need to continue to get the message out that elephants have the solution to what ails us. WE must not give up yet!

Picture courtesy of Creative Commons



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