My first review!

After three months of badgering and cajoling the general public with my book I have received my first review. I am very pleased to say it is five stars *basks in warm glow*.

I have not asked for reviews from my family, or paid for any professionally (can’t afford it), or agreed a like for like swap with other authors. I have asked on some book sites for anyone willing to read and review, but had no offers to date.

Given that reviews are like gold dust, how can readers be sure of their accuracy? Some of my friends will now only look at books which have been professionally reviewed, as they do not trust the slew of reviews which inevitably follow self-published book launches. This only makes it harder for hard-up, new, self-published authors to get ANY attention.

So, for any would-be authors who do not have their first ten reviews lined up, this is how long it can take – months for one review, after giving many books away for free! Actually, the other day I came across a book on Amazon I had used for part of my research. I realised it did not have one review and was published in 1996! I pressed the ‘be the first’ button.

Update – Hmm.. seems like my UK review has no credibility on US site, in that it does not show up. Apparently, reviews from USA, which UK reviewers can post on, show on all sites. Hey! America, I got my first review. Here 😉

Painting by Francesca Lindsay-White


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