An elephant creation myth

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Om. Nothing came before Om.  Om was God, and God was Om. God spoke, thus creating the first story. The primal Word resonated throughout the dark, still, void, causing the Great Heavenly Wheel to turn. Slowly, the Wheel rotated to the vibration of the perfect tune. The churning sounds of the Ocean-of-Becoming produced the first melodies, the songs of creation. The melodies amassed together as they vibrated and span, and so the song of the earth was born, as were the songs of the moon and the sun and the stars. Together they create the Harmony of the Spheres, the eternal, cyclical rhythms of existence.

We feel the songs in our feet every day, from the mountain tops to the deepest valleys and the farthest oceans. What we recognise is Om. Om pervades everything. It is the first principle which underlies every melody. Om turns the Wheel of Existence, from spirit to mortal, mortal to spirit. Om causes the circular movements of the sun and moon and all the heavenly bodies. Om turns the Great Water Wheel of Life, the living waters from which spirit is made manifest. There is but one God, Creation, and we are each a note in its perfect melody. We are elephants, physical manifestations of Om. Our duty as guardians of nature is to sing the songs of Om, to preserve the perfect harmonious balance. We are the pillars on which Om vibrates, and as we hold the source we must act in harmony, else all will cease to sing.

“Om, Om, Om, God is one, God is one.” Ananda roared.

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