Please enjoy my debut novel – FREE


Padma and the Elephant Sutra will be FREE this Friday and Saturday (9th and 10th of June). 

Have a peek. If you like unusual tales, rich in myth, and densely woven into historical fact with a soupcon of the fantastical, then it may be ‘up your street’. The Pink Padma awaits.


USA purchase  Here

Ancient human wisdom’s are little more than trace memories of a deeper, more distant truth. An elephant truth.
It had to survive; the crafts prime directive.
To embed the alien traveller into H. sapiens was the desideratum. An act of cosmic vandalism, where the name of a different god, the first Word from a different beginning, was written like graffiti on the human soul. Ad-Om would reside in the DNA of the organism, producing and reproducing a most selfish gene until the alien could eventually leave. In their innocence, the last surviving humans had been taken, altered, and defiled. Recreated in the image of ad-Om, their purpose to subdue the earth and have dominion over all creatures, so that through them ad-Om might continue to live. From here, from this trace memory of the last straggling band of survivors began a new name-story, the genesis of so called wise men, of human civilisation, and a history still not realised.

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