Book description

A stranded alien distorts humanity’s path and endangers an elephant paradise.

*This is a book for adults*

An apocalyptic clash of civilizations looms, as the guardians of paradise are forced to confront nature’s greatest nemesis, humanity. If you like elephants, and legendary tales rich in history and myth, with elements of the fantastical, then you will love this book. Meet Padma, an unlikely champion of hope, and George, a man tormented by the cruel deeds of his past. Carried from ancient days to distant constellations, be captivated by their extraordinary journey in pursuit of a destiny they must claim. Beginning in Ceylon in the 1830’s, ‘Padma and the Elephant Sutra’ follows their epic struggle to fulfil an ancient alien covenant, agreed in a time almost beyond recollection, and save a fragile world on the brink of destruction.


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